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How does Assemblact® binding secure your documents?

By 21 March 2022March 31st, 2022No Comments

What is Assemblact binding?

Assemblact is a neat and secure binding that guarantees the inviolability of your document, the integrity of your signed deeds, and saves you time: a signature on a single page is enough.

Previously, this binding was used by notaries, but its use has been democratized, meeting the needs of many professionals such as the construction industry, law, expertise and insurance, etc…

This binding system, which we invented 40 years ago, is the only legally certified process for securing official documents such as contracts, expert reports, specifications and legal documents.

How does it work?

In concrete terms, the Assemblact® binder perforates the document in three places:

  • Two holes for brass screws or rivets,
  • A slot for the Assemblact® ribbon

The Assemblact® ribbon is glued to the front of the signature page, passes through the document and returns to the back of the same page.
Finally, the Assemblact® stamp is affixed to the front and signature page.

It is this unique system that protects against any attempt at substitution or fraud.

Choosing Assemblact® help you to : 

Improve document presentation
Documents designed with an Assemblact binder have a perfect finish. This gives them an original presentation in all circumstances.

Enhance document security
Reliability, inviolability, inalterability… Your documents are marked with an official seal under this type of binding.

Save time
With the Assemblact binder, you no longer need to initial each page. A single signature is sufficient to authenticate your documents.

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